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“I’ve known Carla Marymee for more than 10 years after their family moved here from California. Her son, Evan who has ASD, entered Green Elementary School as a fourth grade student when I was principal. I spoke to school staff in California to find out what services Evan would need at Green. I learned that Carla had a reputation as a strong advocate not only for her son, but for other children with special needs. She advocated for her son and helped create one of the first elementary school programs in California for children with high-functioning autism.
In the West Bloomfield School District, Carla continued to passionately advocate and address learning challenges head on. She brought paraprofessionals, teachers, administrators, social workers, speech and language pathologists, and behaviorists together to find creative ways to help Evan. I’ve seen Evan’s growth first-hand from the 4th grade to his many accomplishments as a Senior in high school. As a retired educator of 41 years and principal of 28 years, I highly recommend Carla. Her work as an advocate speaks for itself.”
Kathy Sheiko, Retired Principal of Green/Sheiko Elementary School, West Bloomfield School District

“In 1998, Carla was Co-Chair of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Oakland Unified School district in California, advocating on behalf of 6,000 children with special needs. To provide the services Evan needed in kindergarten, she passionately advocated for creation of one of the first programs in California for elementary school children with high-functioning autism. Evan was one of the first students we supported in the progressive, Asperger Inclusion Program (AsIP).
Tanya and I believe in the importance of creating inclusive environments and under our guidance, Evan had a paraprofessional trained in ABA. Evan’s paraprofessional adapted and modified curriculum and facilitated social skills practice during recess.
Carla has been a pioneer in generating awareness about the need for quality education for children with special needs. She understands the importance of using ABA to help support children on the autism spectrum.”
Meredith Akers and Tanya Scott, Co-Founders of Ed Support Services -- education and behavioral services, San Francisco Bay Area

”Carla uses her excellent business, communications, and problem-solving and negotiation skills, to present win/win approaches as the liaison between parents and school districts to resolve educational issues for children. The parent of a child with special needs herself, she’s sat on both sides of the IEP table. She gets results for her clients. She’s one of the best advocates for children with special needs in Michigan.”
Dr. Abraham K. Aharoni, Psychologist, West Bloomfield, MI

"Carla Baker Marymee was recommended to me by Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu, a well-known clinical neuropsychologist. After living abroad in various expatriate assignments, I was looking for a professional, resourceful person to help guide me in finding appropriate school arrangements for my children, particularly for a son with learning challenges. Carla listened carefully to our family's needs, analyzed our situation, developed a “strategic plan” to meet our goals, and guided me through the “implementation” phase of our project to obtain an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for my son. 

In the difficult economic environment in southeast Michigan, a successful and timely outcome attest to Carla’s skills. Through every step of our six-month association, Carla demonstrated her strong set of professional capabilities including effective oral and written communication, application of extensive knowledge, and commitment to getting the job done."
Julia G., Parent, Bloomfield, Hills

"My son was in preschool receiving only speech and language therapy to help him communicate. We began to think something more significant was happening. We got him evaluated by Dr. Andrew Maltz, a psychologist, in our area. Dr. Maltz diagnosed our son as having ASD. Armed with a diagnosis from our pediatrician and Dr. Maltz, we took the information to the school. I called an IEP meeting. In that meeting school staff had the evaluations. I tried to explain the challenges I faced at home. I was shocked when his preschool teacher who only sees him 2 hours each day said that he did not have autism. He only had issues with speech and language. I was frustrated and angry.
I called Carla, told her what had happened, and asked for help. She met with my husband and I, read all the evaluations, gave her recommendations, met with the Special Education Director, and attended our next IEP meeting a month later. She asked a lot of questions in that meeting including what credentials the school staff had. She then asked who in that room was qualified and had the credentials to provide a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. You could have heard a pin drop!
From there, they changed my son's eligibility from speech and language impaired to ASD. Our son received many interventions as a result of that meeting -- friendship/social skills development, increased speech and language hours, and Extended School Year. Carla empowered and taught me how to advocate for my children.”
Danielle B., Parent, New Baltimore

“I found Carla listed on the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) website. Middle school was challenging for my son. He had a severe case of ADHD and was exhibiting oppositional behavior at school and home. He was aggressive, had frequent physical outbursts, and a tendency to argue. His academic work was suffering despite his above-average intellect. He had been suspended several times in one year and we were seriously considering home schooling him.
After the last suspension, his mother and I knew we needed help to turn this situation around. We called Carla. She listened to our family's needs, reviewed his evaluations and IEP documents, developed a plan to meet our goals, and accompanied us to our next IEP meeting. One of the best outcomes -- our son was viewed as a kid with a severe case of ADHD and not just seen as a purposely defiant child. He started receiving more help and empathy from school staff.
The other results – his behavior and grades improved over time. I became a better advocate for my son after watching Carla work. My son is in high school now doing well. Carla helped make that happen.”
WM, Parent, Novi, MI

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